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AGM 2011

LRG Canada held its 2011 AGM on November 5th in downtown Vancouver at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel. This provided an opportunity to meet in person, share experiences, and hear about LRG Canada’s advocacy efforts on behalf of Canadians with GIST.

Attendees included GIST patients and family members who are LRG Canada Members and Board Members from across the country.

Download LRGC President’s Report November 2011 [fac_icon icon=”file-pdf-o”]

Download LRGC AGM Minutes November 2011 [fac_icon icon=”file-pdf-o”]

Prior to the AGM, Dr. Cheng-Han Lee, a GIST pathologist and researcher, presented some of the latest information about GIST diagnosis, genetic markers, mutations, and emerging therapies.

Download GIST diagnosis, genetic markers, mutations, and emerging therapies [fac_icon icon=”file-pdf-o”] by Dr. Cheng-Han Lee, GIST Pathologist and Researcher, University of British Columbia