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Clinical Trials

GIST Clinical Trials

Clinical trials can be an important part of a patient’s treatment, but finding where they are and processing the complicated information associated with them can present a challenge. This is especially true for patients with rare diseases like GIST. The Life Raft Group and its volunteers have developed GISTTrials.org to provide patients, family members, and members of the public current information about clinical research studies relevant to GIST. 

How can I get into a clinical trial? 

If you have found a clinical trial that you are interested in joining, speak to your physician about it.

Life Raft Group Canada can help answer any questions you may have, but only your physician can refer you to a trial. It is recommended that you print out the clinical trial listing you are interested in and bring it with you to the appointment. Your physician can help review details about the study, risks and benefits, and whether you may be eligible. Some common eligibility criteria include:

If it is determined that you meet the eligibility criteria and you decide to apply for the trial, your physician will assist you with the process. 

Please note that some trials are international in scope, while others are only conducted in certain countries. On occasions, Canadian patients have travelled to the United States to participate in clinical trials.

Please contact us for more information about GIST clinical trials. 

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