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GIST Day of Learning and Events

The LRGC GIST Day of Learning is a free all-day event to provide support and education for those living with GIST. Beginning in 2012, we have held GIST Day of Learning conferences in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal and Halifax and more recently, virtually via Zoom.

It is a conference which features excellent speakers and presentations. The in-person conferences are a great way to meet a wide range of GIST patients, caregivers as well as the speakers. When available, the presentation videos & slides are posted on the GDOL website.

These events are open to GIST patients, caregivers, family members, friends, healthcare providers, and anyone who wishes to learn more about GIST.


GIST Learn

GIST LEARN events have the same focus as a GDOL, but are typically half-day meetings.

Beginning in 2020, GIST LEARN meeting have been held in-person, virtually via Zoom and as a  hybrid event, with attendees joining from Canada, USA and overseas. 

Events Archive

Events Archive

More information and to view the LRGC GIST Day of Learning & GIST LEARN events since 2011

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