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GIST Day of Learning

The LRG (USA) GIST Day of Learning (GDOL) is a free one day event to help patients and caregivers learn more about this rare cancer, find support, and enhance their knowledge base to help them navigate their cancer journey.

The Life Raft Group has a simple focus: to cure a form of cancer — GIST – and to help those living with it until then. To do this, the Life Raft Group focuses on three key areas: research, patient support & education, and advocacy, which lay the foundation of our mission to ensure the survival of GIST patients through a comprehensive approach connecting individual patients’ needs, the worldwide community of GIST advocates and the global health and research environment.

Life Fest

Life Fest is a biennial event for patients, caregivers, researchers & physicians. It’s a unique weekend event where hundreds of patients and caregivers come together to interact with each other and the medical and scientific communities that serve them. Life Fest workshops provide patients with emerging medical information, and they come away with a deeper knowledge of the disease, treatments and side effect management.

New Horizons GIST

New Horizons GIST is a conference that traditionally focuses on a large annual conference gathering over 50 representatives from 30 countries to discuss critical information about GIST that impacts the global GIST patient and medical communities.

Participants have opportunities to interact with leading GIST experts, learn new medical and scientific information about GIST, exchange best practices and discuss advocacy issues The past two conferences have been held virtually, and GIST patients and caregivers were invited to attend

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