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Specialist Directory

All of the doctors listed below have expertise in GIST, and have agreed to have their names listed here. If you are a doctor providing care to GIST patients, we would be delighted to hear from you and to add your name to our directory. Contact us here.

Disclaimer: This listing is provided solely for the information of patients and caregivers. While we have attempted to keep the list accurate, we cannot guarantee that it is complete or that it is free from errors. The presence of a doctor’s name does not imply endorsement of him or her by Life Raft Group, Canada; the omission of a doctor’s name does not imply any criticism. Life Raft Group, Canada cannot make physician referrals. Some of the specialists listed here have specifically asked that patients do not contact them directly for medical advice or appointments. If you wish to obtain the medical services of one of the specialists listed here, we strongly recommend that you request a referral from your physician.

Nova Scotia

Dr. Mark Dorreen (Medical Oncology)
Medical Oncology Division, Q.E. II – HSC
1276 South Park St.
Halifax NS    B3H 2Y9
ph. 902 473-3748


Dr. Thierry Alcindor (Medical Oncology, Hematology)
McGill University Health Centre
1650 Cedar, Room A7-130
Montreal QC    H3G 1A4
ph. 514 934-8007

Dr. Annie Beaudoin (Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology)
Centre hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke
580 Bowen Sud
Sherbrooke QC     J1G 2E8
ph. 819 346-1110

Dr. Jean-Francois Ouellet (General Surgical Oncology)
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Québec
11, côte du Palais
Québec QC    G1R 2J6
ph. 418 691-5370

Dr. Lucas Sideris (General Surgical Oncology)
Université de Montréal-HMR
1782 Everest
St. Laurent QC    H4R 2Z2
ph. 514 252-3822

Dr. Denis Soulières (Pediatrics, Hematology, Medical Oncology)
CHUM-Hôpital Notre-Dame
1560 Sherbrooke E.
Montreal QC    H2L 4M1
ph. 514 890-8000


Dr. Tim Asmis (Medical Oncology)
Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre
#913, 501 Smyth Road
Ottawa ON    K1H 8L6
ph. 613 737-7700 x 70179

Dr. Martin Blackstein (Internal Medicine)
Mount Sinai Hospital
1222 – 600 University Ave.
Toronto ON    M5G 1X5
ph. 416 586-5371

Dr. Yoo-Joung Ko (Medical Oncology)
The Sunnybrook Hospital
2075 Bayview Ave.
Toronto ON    M4N 3M5
ph. 416 480-4928

Dr. Richard Tozer (Medical Oncology)
Juravinski Cancer Centre
699 Concession St.
Hamilton ON    L8V 5C2
ph. 905 387-9711 x 64604

Dr. Shailendra Verma (Medical Oncology)
Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre
501 Smyth Rd.
Ottawa ON    K1H 8L6
ph. 613 737-7700 x 70174

Dr. Jawaid Younus (Medical Oncology)
London Regional Cancer Centre
790 Commissioners Rd. E.
London ON    N6A 4L6
ph. 519 685-8300


Dr. Quincy Siu-Chung Chu (Medical Oncology)
Cross Cancer Institute
11560 University Ave.
Edmonton AB    T6G 1Z2
ph:  780-432-8248

Dr. Donald Morris (Medical Oncology)
Tom Baker Cancer Centre
1331 29 St. NW
Calgary AB    T2N 4N2
ph. 403 521-3446

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