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Life Raft Group Canada is a registered Canadian not-for-profit patient association incorporated in2008 to support GIST patients in Canada many of whom face numerous difficulties, both as cancer patients in general and as person living with a rare disease.

Our mission is to ensure the survival of GIST patients and to assist patients and caregivers in maximizing the quality of their lives.

Our group provides a “virtual home” where GIST patients can find emotional support from their peers and learn more about how to live with GIST.

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Our Objectives


Increase awareness about GIST among the public and healthcare professionals in Canada


Provide workshops and seminars related to GIST and its treatment


Advocate for access to medical treatment for GIST patients and caregivers across Canada


Financially support, within Canada, activities of research, scholarships, publications and education related to GIST


Establish support groups for those affected by GIST

Newly Diagnosed?

Gastrointestinal stromal tumour (GIST) is a rare soft-tissue sarcoma, which is a type of cancer that arises out of connective tissue. It can occur anywhere along the GI tract. GISTs are completely different from the more common gastrointestinal tumours (such as stomach cancer and colon cancers) because of the type of tissue in which they start. GISTs can develop at any age but usually occur in people over 50 years of age. GISTs are rare and almost all GISTs occur sporadically without a clear reason why they develop.

A new GIST diagnosis can be challenging and overwhelming. You should not have to go through this journey alone. Successful GIST management is a collaboration between the patient, caregiver and healthcare team.

We can help.

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Life Raft Group Canada provides a “virtual home” where GIST patients and their caregivers can find emotional support from their peers and learn more about how to live with GIST.

We work alongside The Life Raft Group (USA) and other GIST support groups around the world.

Join GIST Communities: The Life Raft Group is a community open to GIST patients, their caregivers and family members. 

We want to come together and share medical experiences, provide each other support, and share tools to guide you through your GIST journey.
Most importantly, we are here to ensure that no one faces GIST alone.

There are many ways to join GIST support communities:
Our member communities, Facebook groups, and GIST international and USA groups provide a space to connect and share experiences.

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