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GIST Presentations: Pathology

These presentations are a broad collection of GIST webcasts, videos and slides presented by medical specialists with expertise in GIST.

They are intended for audiences of GIST patient and caregivers. Most of these presentations were made available through The Life Raft Group Webcast Series or were presented at patient events hosted by either:

  • The Life Raft Group (LRG)
  • Life Raft Group Canada (LRG Canada)

The more recent presentations or panel discussions are usually available as videos and occasionally, with the accompanying slides.

Earlier presentations are typically available as a set of slides in PDF or PowerPoint format.

This list of presentations will be updated on an ongoing basis, so please check back periodically.

Quick Links

GIST: How to Understand your Pathology Report (2020)

Kelsey McHugh, MD

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GIST: A Pathologist’s Point of View (2019)

Christopher Corless, MD

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Pathology of GIST (2013)

Eugene Hsieh, MDCM

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