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Member Stories

Thank you to our members who have shared their stories with us. These patient and caregiver stories provide not only valuable disease specific information, but also hope and inspiration for those fighting this rare form of cancer.
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Sophie’s Story – “The Fight of My Life”


Sophie’s story fist appeared in our January 2016 newsletter. She writes:

“I’m  living with the unknown and challenges every day, but surely not afraid and will live! Whatever it takes I’ll keep going on! Stronger than ever!”

Download The Fight of My Life [fac_icon icon=”file-pdf-o”]


John’s Story – “Living with Cancer”

John's Story

John Wilson writes of his life as a survivor, living with GIST cancer:
“I didn’t like people saying that I was battling with cancer, so I told my family, “When I die, don’t say that dad battled cancer; tell them that I lived with cancer.”
This is my story of how I discovered I had cancer and how I have been living with it for the last 15 years.”Download Living with Cancer [fac_icon icon=”file-pdf-o”]


Jason’s Blog

Jason's story

Jason has been sharing his experience with GIST since June 25, 2012. Click here to follow his blog.